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2018 Clinics

2018 WPDA Clinics

 March 10-11, 2018 - WPDA Clinic with Britta Johnston - Valencia, PA

The WPDA hosted Britta Johnston, Owner and Head Trainer of Britta Johnston International Sport Horses, LLC , at Silver Crest Equestrian Center. Riders of all ages and training levels greatly benefited from her expertise!

March 24-25, 2018 - WPDA Jr./YR Clinic with Nicole DelGiorno - Valencia, PA

Our Junior/Young Rider program hosted their first clinic at Silver Crest Equestrian Center with Nicole DelGiorno, a USDF Gold Medalist, Young Rider graduate, 4-time NAJYRC medalist, and board member of The Dressage Foundation.

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April 8, 2018 - WPDA Equine Safety Clinic - Elizabeth, PA

This 4+ hour seminar included presentations by Dr. Jim Zeliff of Allegheny Equine, the North Strabane Large Animal Emergency Response Team, and the PA State Police. Topics included lameness care using today's newest technology; working with emergency responders through an incident; trail safety; barn fire safety; pasture safety; a comprehensive list of what state troopers look for during a traffic stop with horses; and a tour of a large animal rescue trailer and equipment.

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September 14-16, 2018 - WPDA Adult Clinic - McDonald, PA

Remember the how much fun horse camp was as a kid? We bring back those memories with our annual 21+ Dressage Clinic! This annual favorite is 3 days of mounted and unmounted lessons with top dressage professionals. Participants range from intro/training level to those working on firming up the upper level movements. Western dressage riders are welcome as well! 

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October 5-7, 2018 - WPDA Pilates for Dressage with Janice Dulak - Cecil, PA

Janice Dulak is a former professional dancer, a Romana’s Pilates Master Instructor Trainer and USDF Bronze medalist. Her path from dancer to dressage rider combined with her clear and concise distillation of the Pilates Method creates Pilates for Dressage®, the original rider training program. The clinic began with a Friday dinner and PowerPoint lecture on Pilates for Dressage® presented by Janice on Friday evening. On Saturday morning, riders engage in a two-hour Pilates for Dressage® Mat Class that teaches the riders how to find the correct core and intrinsic muscles that allow for relaxation in the global muscles. After lunch, riders mount up and learn how to put the studio work into the saddle.

Sunday, riders reinforce what they’ve learned in another two-hour mat class. The weekend finishes with mounted lessons, as riders are newly secure in their newfound ways to use their body to create harmony with their horse.

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