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Helping Hands and Canter Cash



Volunteer your skills!

We can’t be successful without the help of our members! In all our years, we've never turned a volunteer away. You can help keep us going using your talents:

  • at a horse show or clinic

  • by attending board meetings (the first Monday of the month!)

  • holding a chair position

  • assisting with our website, social media, and newsletter

  • running for an elected position

  • at our year-end awards banquet

Canter Cash

In addition to serving your local dressage community, volunteers are rewarded with Canter Cash, which must be accumulated before members may receive year end awards or be eligible for scholarships.

a minimum of four hours of volunteer work is required for all members who wish to receive year end awards

Tell us about your volunteer work here

Redeem your Canter Cash here

Wondering about your Canter Cash hours? Check here!

Volunteer at a Show

We cannot have horse shows without volunteers. Below is a list of possible jobs that might be available at a horse show to volunteer for.  When signing up be sure to indicate what job you would be most interested in, but be open to other areas that might need additional help.

Scribe: The scribe has a very important job and it is a great opportunity to learn what judges look for in a well ridden test.  Scribes must be able to write quickly, accurately, legibly and most importantly quietly.  Prior experience (at recognized or schooling shows) is preferred.

Runner: The runner gets the tests from the judges stand and brings them directly to the scorer table.  Only the riders are allowed to look at their tests after the scores are posted.  So, no peeking!

Scorers: There must be at least two scorers.  Each test is checked twice and any ties must be reviewed by the judge.

Ring Stewards: This persons duty is to check riders tack and equipment before entering arena.  It is the riders responsibility to watch their ride times.

These are just some of the jobs that might be available to volunteer for.  Do not hesitate to ask your show manager if you have any questions about your duties.  The USDF Directory also gives many tips on Dressage protocol.

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